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Каталог редукторов и мотор-редукторов Bonfiglioli (Бонфиглиоли)

FAM-Drive celebrates 15 years of cooperation with the Bonfiglioli Group, the world leader in the production of gearboxes, gear motors, electric motors, variators and frequency converters!

Промышленная фурнитура Elesa+Ganter

Lobe knobs, wing knobs, hinges, oil indicators, level gauges, levers, pins are some of the most common items in the ELESA + GANTER ® range presented in our catalog.

Электровибраторы Italvibras

Along with Bonfiglioli, Italvibras is also a longtime Italian partner of FAM-Drive. Italvibras specializes in the production of electric motor vibrators and is a leader in the industry.

Пневмовибраторы Findeva

Our catalog contains turbine, piston and roller pneumatic vibrators from the Swiss manufacturer Findeva. Robust, simple design with several moving parts, low operating costs and long service life are the main advantages of the European manufacturer.

Актуаторы Linak
And in medicine, and in agriculture, and in the furniture industry, and even in an ordinary office, Linak columns and various solutions for their use can be used.
Алюминиевый профиль Maytec
The sturdy MayTec aluminum profile sold by FAM-Drive, thanks to its fast and reliable assembly, perfectly reveals our slogan: constructor for professionals!
Муфты R+W

FAM-Drive sells several brands of couplings, including bellows couplings, safety couplings, mini couplings, elastomeric couplings, and more.

Микромоторы Citizen

Micromotors, encoders, microreducers, as well as micro versions of gearmotors with a steel core and without from a world-famous Japanese manufacturer are offered by our company to the Russian consumer. The assortment includes more than 3000 items, it is possible to make products to order, based on the client's requirements.

Комплектующие для медицинского оборудования Schnieder

Using high-quality materials, the German company Schnieder has been producing components for the equipment of medical institutions for more than half a century. Its range includes bumpers, couplings, hand supports and other elements for equipping hospital beds and related equipment.

Антивибрационные опоры Rosta для промышленного оборудования
Rosta's world-class suspension modules and oscillating bearings are not a bad achievement for a company that started out with a one-man staff.
Шкивы, цепи, звездочки, подшипники Chiaravalli
Bearings, sprockets, pulleys, chains, PU, components for drives and various other small-sized but irreplaceable products have been manufactured by Chiaravalli Trasmissioni SpA for more than half a century.
Газовые пружины Suspa

German quality always speaks for itself! Suspa springs are maintenance-free and are designed to last at least 50,000 load cycles as standard.

Инверторы Bonfiglioli

In addition to gearboxes, gear motors and electric motors, the Italian company Bonfiglioli offers its customers a wide range of frequency converters. Having extensive experience in the implementation of projects for the automation of production, our experts will help you choose an inverter that meets all the conditions for operation at your enterprise.

Вариатор Bonfiglioli

If it is impossible to use a frequency converter, we will select a mechanical variator from the range of products of the Italian concern Bonfiglioli. The V series features high operational reliability, low noise and easy maintenance.

Взрывозащищенный электродвигатель
Explosion-proof motors Cemp and Euromotori - the widest range of Italian quality products presented in the FAM-Drive catalog